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About us

The National Cooperative Confederation of Rwanda (NCCR) is a confederation founded on 28 October 2010 by nine cooperatives Federations and was granted legal entity by the legal personality certificate no RCA/1333/2010 Of 22 December 2010 and publish in Official gazette No 25 of 20/06/2011.
The National Cooperative Confederation of Rwanda (NCCR) is the umbrella organization that promotes and represents the interests of cooperatives movements in Rwanda.
We exist to support our member federations, Unions and Primary Cooperatives through capacity development, Information Sharing,Advocacy and Collaboration with Public,Private and Civil society organization at Local,Region and International levels.
To advance the role of NCCR and the Cooperative movement to become acknowledged pillar of sustainable development in Rwanda,Making a positive impact in the lives of all our members and in our communities,Unions and local cooperatives.
Our federations members comprise the Production, Marketing and consumption,Service, Multifunctional and mixed Cooperative Federations Categories.
Unions and local cooperatives are divided into the following federation members:

  • FECOMIRWA: Fédération des Coopératives Minière du Rwanda.
  • FERWACOTAMO: Fédération Rwandaise des Coopératives des Taxis Motards.
  • RFTC: Rwanda Federation Transport Cooperative.
  • FUCORIRWA: Fédération des Unions des Coopératives Rizicoles au Rwanda.
  • FERWACOTHE: Fédération Rwandaise des Coopératives des Theiculteurs.
  • FERWACAPI: Fédération Rwandaise des Coopérative des Apiculteurs.
  • FECOPPORWA: Fédération des Coopératives des Producteurs de pomme de terre au Rwanda.
  • RCCF: Rwanda Coffee Cooperatives Federation.
  • RWCCF: Rwanda Cassava Cooperative Federation.
  • FCMR: Fédération des Coopératives de Mais au Rwanda.
  • NDFFR: National Diary Farmer’s Federation of Rwanda.
  • RFWC: Rwanda Federation of Wheat Cooperatives.
  • FEFICORWA: Federation of Fishers Cooperative in Rwanda.
  • RFHC: Rwanda Federation of Horticulture Cooperatives.
  • R.F.T.H.D.B.T: Rwanda Federation of Technics Hair Dressing and Beauty Treatment.

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